The rise of social media has brought more people into the fold and it has allowed marketers

Since the content is so easily available, it is fast becoming the next big thing in marketing.

Creating and running a brand is not an easy task. And it requires marketing knowledge, communication skills and HR abilities. It is not just about what you share on social media – it is about how you build your brand. When you are looking for a way to make marketing ideas accessible, your AI assistant has the answer.

An AI-based marketing assistant can help businesses tap into potential customers and lead them to purchase their products, services or become fans of their company on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The main goal of an AI marketing assistant is to generate content that fulfills the needs of users in order to increase sales or get more users – so they can increase their audience size or even drive traffic to their site/site/platforms (often referred as 'dem.

Marketing online is the marketing of products and services online.

In traditional marketing, content is often generated to match the target market. This means that the company’s content needs to be well tailored to what people want. In order to generate a specific interest in something, it must be relevant, interesting and valuable enough for people to buy it – in other words, it has to engage their emotions.

Content is generated by marketers through different tools: websites, blogs or social media platforms. To engage people on these platforms efficiently, marketers need ways of engaging them with content. One way of doing this is by using bots (fuzzy logic) or artificial intelligence (AI). Companies use both types of tools for generating ideas for their products and services and for marketing them on different channels such as social media.