Since the Internet became a popular marketing channel

However, some of these efforts have been unsuccessful. A good example is Nike’s campaign, „Just Do It” launched in 1984 and directed at black males. It was a huge commercial success but it did not help Nike to grow and achieve the market share that it had expected from this campaign. Additionally, many advertisers have since abandoned the market because the potential customers are not interested in products that don’t appeal to them or do not fit their specific needs and wants. Furthermore, many companies have made some attempts at adapting traditional advertising techniques into online promotions but these methods do not work when done online as well as offline.

When you are running a business, it is important for you to sell your products and services. This has manifested itself in the market place through a series of marketing tools such as websites, email newsletter, facebook and twitter accounts etc.

In today’s time, social media is heavily used as a marketing tool. People have already become experts at using them to promote their products and services. A few years ago it was really hard for individuals to get away from Facebook and Twitter but now it is easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of how these platforms work to gain some followers or even more importantly generate traffic from them.

This is a section about how brands and marketing teams can use AI writing tools to generate content more efficiently.